Tailored paneling

You receive a suitable supporting structure even for small monitor walls. Our free standing systems are extendable as desired and offer complete flexibility in positioning monitors. The basic version already features a cable channel for a clean (power and data) cable routing.

Suiting your hardware

Our wall claddings are individually produced to fit your monitor walls. Exact measurement and the expertise of our master carpenters guarantee the precise installation of your control room. Being a room-in-room solution, not only does it look stunning but it always offers the appropriate space needed for adjustment of corresponding hardware.

With or without acoustic effect

Our design team will gladly support and advise you in creating your wall cladding. May it be classic plain colors, surfaces with acoustic effect or indirect lighting concepts for your control room, everything is developed with proficiency and in co-ordination with all participants. Thanks to our tool-free special system covering elements can be organized and diversified according to your wishes.